MY Piccolo Mondo Child Care Bronx NY
New York State Licensed
Located at:

1466 Ohm Ave

Bronx, NY 10465

To schedule a visit call us at:


If you will be staying at home unexpectedly, please let me know as soon as possible so we can make plans.

Illness is inevitable at some point. Although it can be stressful for parents when their infant has a cold, I will do everything possible (see below) to reduce germ transfer. Please realize that not all germs can be removed from an area. Germ control is a priority when infants are in care.

*All toys are sanitized after they are mouthed, and at least daily.

*Noses are wiped as soon as needed,

* The provider's hands are washed and sanitized afterwards.

*Children's hands are frequently cleaned with wipes during cold season.

*Disinfectant spray is routinely applied to surfaces (after hours, not during the normal child care day).

* All infants will be placed on their backs to sleep to decrease the risk of SIbS until the baby is able to turn over on his/her own.

* Breastfeeding is strongly encouraged. If you are nursing your baby, please discuss this with me and arrangements can be made concerning
nursing in my home.

The Day Care House Rules

*No hitting, biting, pinching, throwing, pushing, hair pulling, or otherwise hurting ourselves or others.

* No intentionally breaking anything.

* No running, jumping, wrestling, climbing, etc. in the house or on the furniture.

*No picking up babies or toddlers. ! No leaving the house or yard without permission (no one is allowed outside without adult supervision, even when parents are here).

*No names calling, yelling, foul language or teasing—everyone deserves
to be treated with respect.

*All food and drink will remain in the dining room/kitchen area.

What I as a provider should expect from you, the parent:

Open communication. Explain clearly and carefully your wishes and expectations about how your child will be cared for. Also provide updates on problems and progress that you child is making. Good communication helps us work together in the best interest of your child.

Agreement on Terms or Arrangements. You should fully understand the terms of the contract and the policies and procedures that you as the parent are agreeing to.

Honesty and Trust. This includes being honest about how you believe the arrangement is working. Although you need to be vigilant in order to safeguard your child, you should trust me as your childcare provider to do the best for your child. Show you trust by asking questions rather than jumping to conclusions when apparent problems develop.

Pick up on Tme. I as your provider have a personal life too. No trip to the grocery store etc. on your way here just because you find it more convenient, ultimately the care of your child is your responsibility. Payment on time and no "rubber" checks. I have bills to pay and food to buy also.

Respect. Realize that taking care of children is a job and that not only am I a worker, but also a working parent. Recognize that this is not an easy job. I am not "just a Baby-sitter". Last but not least. I am only human; I'm not "superwoman". Please don't expect me to do things that you yourself would not want to do.

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