MY Piccolo Mondo Child Care Bronx NY
New York State Licensed
Located at:

1466 Ohm Ave

Bronx, NY 10465

We are located in Country Club section of the bronx
To schedule a visit call us at:

Welcome to my child care service with over 30 years of experience! I'm beyond thrilled that you are considering entrusting your little one to my care. As a dedicated child care provider with decades of experience, I have a deep and genuine love for children that has only grown stronger with time. It brings me immense joy and fulfillment to watch them learn, grow, and thrive under my care. For me, child care is more than just a job, it's a calling that I have taken very seriously for over three decades. . I understand how important it is for parents to find a safe and nurturing environment for their child while they fulfill their work responsibilities. As a parent myself, I know firsthand the importance of providing a loving, fun, and stress-free atmosphere for children to grow and learn in. That's why my top priority is to create a positive and supportive environment where your child can flourish. I want to assure you that I see this as more than just a business transaction. While I do have a contracted rate, my commitment to your child's well-being goes beyond financial considerations. As your child's caregiver, I take my role very seriously and want to work with you to create a team that is solely focused on what is in the best interest of your child. " I believe that children should be allowed to be children, and I strive to provide a family-like atmosphere that fosters their curiosity, creativity, and joy. If there is ever anything that you do not agree with or understand, please feel free to communicate openly and honestly with me. I am here to support you and your child in any way that I can. " Thank you for considering me as your child care provider. I understand that you are entrusting me with your most precious gift of all - your child - and I promise to treat them with the utmost care, compassion, and respect.

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