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I became a childcare provider, because I love children and love to watch them learn and grow. The benefits for me also include being able to stay home with my own children as well as earn a living. As we know you are paying for a service, and have a contracted rate, regardless of whether your child(ren) attend or not. I would like to believe you have hired me to provide a Safe, and Loving, and Fun atmosphere for your child, while you are fulfilling your employment needs. I don't feel it is fair to your child or to me, for the child(ren) to be brought or left in the day care home just in essence because you are "paying" for it. My "Family" time is very IMPORTANT to me anelimited being a Day Care provider, as it is for you, being you work outside of your home. I feel if you spend every possible moment or opportunity with your child and give me the opportunity to fulfill my "family" responsibilities. It will make for such a happier environment for all parties involved. One thing I learned many years ago in a Early Childhood development class, the instructor reminded us, "You are NOT putting yourself out there to replace the child's(ren) parental responsibilities. You are offering the parents a service, wnicn win provide them the opportunity to be the BEST parent they can be." We are a team, working together with only one goal. That is, doing what Is in the best interest of your child. I firmly believe children only have about the first 5 years of their lives to be children, (before they start school) That is why I provide a fun, loving family atmosphere with as little stress as possible. I see myself as a very understanding person and would hope as parents you will understand also. Please feel free to let me know if there's anything you don't agree with or understand. A good relationship starts with communication, so please be open and honest with me and I will do the same. Thank you so much for considering me for your possible day care provider, to whom you would entrust your most precious gift of all........Your child.

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